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How to find calm in a year of chaos

We like to consider this package akin to a free counseling session, and although these articles are not a substitute for one-on-one therapy, we hope it’s a start.

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Pandemic, politics, and anxiety: You asked questions, Atlanta mental health professionals answered

I feel disconnected from my friends. My partner drives me insane. There's just too much right now. Is this irrational? We asked readers to submit their questions for therapists. Here are their takes.

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My quest for a safer massage during the pandemic

This is the process I went through in order to schedule an hour-long massage that seemed safest during a pandemic: outdoors (to avoid contaminated air), in a massage chair (thus facing away from the therapist for the majority of the time), with both of us wearing masks.

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Atlanta remains a hotspot for new AIDS/HIV cases

For years, Georgia has been near the top of states with the highest rates of HIV/AIDS cases. In parts of Atlanta and the metro region, rates are as much as eight times the national average, and researchers say they rival levels found in some developing countries.

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Feeling Isolated? Get Daily Phone Calls.

Life can be stressful. Add to that the isolation that comes with COVID-19 and people can feel depressed and lonely.

Ring-a-Ling helps people’s loneliness. This service provides daily phone calls, giving you or your loved ones the opportunity to be more social.

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